• Disposable Wooden Cutlery – Wooden Forks, Knives, Spoons

    Amount Per Pack: 20 Pieces of Each Type


    No more plastic disposables!


    Now you can safely use WeCare Eco cutlery in your parties and events

    and throw it away with no guilt.


    Wooden cutlery are 100% compostable and biodegradable and cause no harm to the environment.


    It is 100% organic and chemicals free.

  • Foldable Shopping Bag


    Reusable shopping bag that folds into a mini sac with clip on.


    You will never forget your reusable shopping bag at home!


    WeCare Eco shopping bag comes with a chain that can clip into anything, your keychains or your back pack.


    Saves space and get handy everywhere. Easy to wash and dry.

    Foldable Shopping Bag

  • Large Paper Bags

    Amount Per Pack: 30 Bags


    WeCare Eco craft paper bags are best to use as a first alternative to plastic bags.


    Suitable for packing all types of (non-liquid food like fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, meal. Hot or Cold.


    It can safely be used in fridge and freezer.


    Large Paper Bags

  • Nature Utensil Set

    Set comes in a fabric sac includes:


    • Wooden Fork
    • Wooden Spoon
    • Wooden Knife
    • Reusable Wooden Straw
    • Cleaning Brush


    Hand crafted by locals of Aswan and made from finest Sarsou’ wood,

    insulated with olive oil to keep it organic and hygienic.


    Best to carry around while traveling or at work to avoid the harmful single use plastic cutlery

  • Small Paper Bags

    Amount Per Pack: 40 Bags


    Food friendly paper bags with special prints.


    WeCare Eco Small paper bags are best for packing any kind of snacks on the go.


    You can pack cut fruits and vegetables, nuts, pop corn, toast sandwiches,

    petit pan, cupcakes, cookies and more.

  • Tote Bag

    Plain Fabric Tote Bag Set of 4 Pieces.


    WeCare Tote bags are the best alternative to plastic bags.


    You can paint on it or print your favorite picture.


    Tote Bag

  • Wrapping Sheets

    Amount Per Pack: 50 Sheets


    WeCare Eco sheets is an essential kitchen product.


    You can use our wrapping sheets for wrapping sandwiches, bagels, fresh herbs and any kind of food.


    It can be used to cover plates and bowls instead of the harmful cling film.


    You can also use it as divider while storing your meat and chicken in the freezer.

    Wrapping Sheets


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