This Eco-Friendly Initiative Provides Mommies with Alternatives to Plastic Wrapping Paper and Bags!

When speaking of great Egyptian initiatives that save our environment, we can proudly say that we have numerous; like Shagarha, Kefaya Plastic, and more! Such initiatives leave a great impact and spread awareness of the current problems of the environment that we have, whether it is the pollution, food waste, or the excessive use of plastic that many can’t put a leash on!

With every school year starting, we can imagine the huge amount of consumed plastic paper, plastic utensils, and plastic wrapping for lunch boxes, right?

Well, Donia Ahmed, Founder of WeCare Eco-Friendly Solutions decided to make a change by providing mommies with a safer alternative to plastic food wrapping and plastic sandwich bags.

WeCare Eco-Friendly Solutions uses disposable, biodegradable, recyclable and of course plastic-free paper. This significant initiative started this September, offering three alternatives: Food Wrapping Sheets, Paper bags that can be used multiple times, and Sandwich paper bags that come in two fun prints.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start making a change, and swap the plastic bags that we take to work with these ones with cute turtles print! And to all you wifeys out there, won’t this sweet message make your husband’s day better and plastic-free?

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