• Back To School Pack

    Back to School
    KIDS Safety Kit  
    Kit includes:
    • 2 reusable masks
    • alcohol spray pocket size (refillable).
    The set comes in a fabric bag to easily take it to school . 
    WeCare Anti-Bacterial Mask specifications:
    ▪️Washable at 60 degrees and reusable up to 30 washes
    ▪️Certified Anti-bacterial fabric “Sigma Med 01-Guar Protective Textiles”
    94% Filtration of aerosols- NaCI particles 3μm
    ▪️Double layer
     ▪️Air permeability
    ▪️ISO Certification
    Tested and certified by Eurofins labs ☑️
    ➡️Benefits of choosing WeCare reusable protective masks over the disposable single-use one:
    ✅More sustainable
    ✅More Economic
    ✅Minimize pollution caused from disposable masks
    ✅Minimize spread of infection that is caused by improper disposal of single-use masks (at school)
    Size  :  9  to 13 years
    Colors : light grey and navy blue
    Price : 180  LE
    *Limited quantity*

    Back To School Pack

  • ECO Kids Mask

    WeCare Eco- Kids Mask Set:

    – 3 Reusable masks in 3 different colors ( Navy blue, Off white , Black)
    – 1 refillable alcohol spray pocket size
    – 1 spray hanger with clip on chain

    Mask specification: material waterproof fabric, available in 2 designs ear loops and head strap / washable up to 70 degrees / double layer

    ECO Kids Mask

  • ECO Masks Set


    WECARE Stay Safe Kit:

     “ECO Masks Set” from WeCare includes:

    ✅ 2 Fabric Masks, protective double layered, black or Off White color – wash one and use the other

    ECO Masks Set


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